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  • book: Conceptual Foundations of Materials, chapters 1, 2, 4. abstracts
  • Ann E Mattsson et al., Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng. 13 R1 (2005) abstract
  • Martin Head-Gordon and Emilio Artacho, "Chemistry on the computer," Physics Today (2008) article
  • Andrew Zangwill, "A half century of density functional theory," Physics Today (2015) article
  • R. O. Jones, "Density Functional Theory: Past, present, ... future?" (2014) from Psi-K newsletter
  • Fernando Nogueira, Alberto Castro, and Miguel A. L. Marques, "A Tutorial on Density Functional Theory," from Springer DFT book, some practical details about calculations
  • Kieron Burke, "The ABC of DFT," article
  • Prof. Hamm (ETH Zurich), "Mukamel for Dummies," article
  • David Sherill's Notes on Quantum Chemistry
  • CECAM workshop videos from "Teaching the Theory in Density Functional Theory"
  • Robert Littlejohn's notes from graduate quantum mechanics at Berkeley

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